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Be a part of the leading conversation centered on student persistence

The EdSights Coffee Break will be an interactive virtual session designed to help you identify and address the key issues impacting student persistence on your campus.


We will discuss Dr. Tinto's research framework and the actions/interventions institutions can and should pursue to solve the college completion crisis.

Meet and connect with industry leaders and colleagues

- Dr. Vincent Tinto

Award-Winning Persistence Scholar​



We need student input to help frame policies and practices. Their voices and experiences matter. Students should not be seen as just part of the problem, but as part of the solution.

The 2023 EdSights Coffee Break

A virtual executive forum discussing and addressing key issues impacting student persistence.

Thursday, March 9, 2023


Unlike traditional webinars the EdSights Coffee Break is a live and interactive virtual discussion with small group conversations moderated by industry leaders. 

Current Agenda:

2:00 PM - Welcome by Carolina Recchi, Co-CEO of EdSights

2:15 PM - Moderator Introductions

2:30 PM - Small group discussions broken out by institution type moderated by industry leaders

3:15 PM - Closing remarks 

Be a Part of the "In" Crowd

The first 50 registrants for the coffee break will an exclusive gift pack that includes:

  • A copy of a Dr. Vincent Tinto essay to guide discovery and discussion

  • A ceramic mug suitable for your home or office

  • A bookmark to help you keep your place during important readings

  • Erasable highlighter to aide in marking meaningful passages while reading

Registration is free. Simply sign up using the form below.

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