Staying Connected this Summer 

Summer sunshine is great for relaxing after a tough semester, but being away from your college friends can be a challenging transition. To help with the challenge, we’ve compiled a list of ways to keep in contact with your friends. Don’t worry - distant fun doesn’t have to be full of Zoom links :)

1. Have a Game Night

If traveling cross-country isn’t in the cards for you, why not try a cozy night in? There are plenty of ways for you to connect with people around the world, right from your own bedroom. Game nights aren’t just a thing of quarantine, they are a great way to have a fun, structured activity with your besties. Click here to find a list of free, online games that could be the key to your next fun night. 

2. Start a Netflix Binge Club

If time zones and work schedules are making synchronous watch parties hard, try finding a time once a week to reconnect. You and your friends can pick any show and watch at your own pace. Discuss all of your thoughts and crazy conspiracy theories together when your schedules finally align. No Netflix? No problem. Here's a list of 8 free streaming services!

3. Send Sunday Updates

It might not seem like much, but starting a weekly tradition of catching your friends up on the little things is what will keep you close! Suggest that the group chat sends a three sentence catch up about what has been going on in their lives. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but just keep each other in the loop. This is a great way to regularly communicate even during big summer lulls. Check out this example:

  1. I started running (3.5 miles this week!)

  2. I rewatched my favorite movie with my friends Jess and Alex from high school. 

  3. I taught my dog how to shake hands. 


4. Take A Class Together

If you want to emulate the college experience, you could try learning something new together. There are lots of options for free courses at Harvard University. Taking a class together will give you a consistent activity to do, and you might feel like you are back on your favorite campus. If you want something a little less technical, you can try one of these fun courses - think Disney Imagineers or Kitchen Improv. Hone your skills on a brand new topic, and once you’re back on campus you can show off to everyone.

5. Re-Introduce Yourself

You’ve probably seen the rage behind PowerPoint nights with friends, but instead of picking a wacky topic, why not share more about yourself? Re-introduce yourself to your friends by creating a virtual scrapbook of life in high school (or middle school, if you are extra brave). Fill them in on the little details that you didn’t get to during study breaks. Bonus points if you host a trivia Kahoot by the end of the summer!