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Custom SMS Text Messaging Campaigns

Drive meaningful engagement with strategic populations

With most institutions seeing a student opt-in rate over 90% and more than half of recipients engaging with the bot consistently throughout the academic year, our partners are achieving significantly more impactful results than through “traditional” student outreach channels.


We send custom SMS text message reminders, using an empathetic tone, our evidence-based framework, and our team’s expertise to support student retention and persistence. Our team is obsessed with student success. We skillfully review each campaign for best practices and make knowledgeable suggestions to ensure you achieve goals with high engagement and impact. Beyond the Adaptive AI, our partners love the benefit of the collective intelligence of our team—insights gathered through millions of conversations and with a wide variety of strategies. 


The SMS texting campaigns are built with the unique needs of your audience in mind, to nudge them when they need it most. Save your staff time—rely on your partners at EdSights.

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