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EdSights Book Club


A virtual book club featuring Dr. Paul LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University, who draws on his experience building one of the most innovative and fastest-growing universities to reconnect us with the human aspect of serving people

Tuesday, October 10, 2023


A Book Discussion for Those Who Want to Make a Difference

As a company whose mission is to create a student-centered education system, we chose "Broken" as this event's reading because of how deeply it explores

the human dimensions we must consider to support students.


We believe that this book will help us better understand the challenges facing our education system, and find ways to create a more humane and caring environment for students.


"Ironically, higher education
is full of people who care deeply about students and who come to their work with a sense of calling. Yet it routinely fails its students,
is viewed with diminished regard by Americans, and is frequently seen as a problem for our society, not 
of the solution."

- Dr. Paul LeBlanc

President, Southern New Hampshire University


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Meet and connect with industry leaders and colleagues

Unlike traditional webinars, the EdSights book club is

a live and interactive virtual discussion with small group conversations moderated by industry leaders. 

Current Agenda:

6:00 PM - Welcome by Carolina Recchi

6:05 PM - Dr. Paul LeBlanc- Author Commentary 

6:15 PM - Small group break-out discussions

6:45 PM - Wrap-up

Your Book Club Essentials

Registrants for the book club will an exclusive gift pack that includes:

  • A copy of Broken to guide discovery and discussion

  • A bookmark to help you keep your place during important readings

  • An erasable highlighter to aide in marking meaningful passages while reading

Registration is free, but book club essentials are limited. Simply sign up using the form below.

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Book Club Register
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