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Engagement That's More Than a Chatbot

Proactive vs. Reactive is the EdSights Difference

Utilize the tone and friendliness students recognize and love to build connection and comfort in interactions with your Adaptive AI Chatbot delivered via SMS and the web; built and maintained by EdSights. Empathy and consistency are key.

"You're so nice for checking in on me, bud."

"That is really cool. I didn't know that but now I do."

"I wish my girlfriend replied as fast as you."

"I love being here! And I love you."

"That helps. Thanks for sending the instructions."

Our comprehensive suite of AI-Powered tools creates paths for both proactive and reactive chat conversations, as well as aligns student support staff’s next steps.

Reactive vs. Proactive Chatbots

You want to provide support to students before they reach a breaking point. You also want to guide them, in real time, to campus resources when they self-identify experiencing student-success issues. EdSights helps you do both with a research-backed approach to the development of our persistence framework.


Proactive check-ins utilize targeted outreach touch points — identifying and addressing student-success hurdles early on.


Your branded and conversational SMS-based chats are built to address the underlying sources of issues students face by utilizing research-backed strategies to increase retention and persistence.


This tool is also beneficial for your institution’s custom student retention nudges like upcoming financial aid, housing, or advising deadlines.

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 12.09.21 PM.png

Your “always on” reactive Web Bot responds with an ever-expanding knowledge base to drive students to the resources they need 24/7.


Address FAQs at scale and identify common needs of your students.


Gain an understanding of what your website visitors are looking for to refine your content plans.

Leveraging Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence

Our Knowledge Base is constantly expanding and learning from the millions of interactions we have with students each week. This means that the more institutions we work with and students we serve, the smarter our algorithms get over time.

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