Franklin Pierce University sustains record-breaking retention with the help of their AI retention framework

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Retention Interventions

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Four years ago Franklin Pierce's retention was 59%. Since then the University has been able to increase first-year, full-time student retention to 73% and successfully sustain this record through the pandemic and despite national persistence falling. How did they do it?


In addition to a dedicated student success team the university also relied on the help of a virtual staff member to support students in a personalized and timely way. It was here that Rocky, an SMS chatbot built specifically for retention, was able to step in and make sure that students were still at the forefront of the university's experience.


With no human lift, Rocky ensured continuous communication and personalized resources for students. Through a framework that combines artificial intelligence, behavioral science, and texting, the bot supported students across four areas. By asking questions about their wellness, financial distress, academic fit, and social engagement, Rocky learned about each student and was able to automatically complete targeted interventions tailored to each student's needs. While doing so, the bot was also able to uncover institutional insights and patterns around student needs.

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Food Insecurity

Rocky identified 30 students who were struggling with Food Insecurity and informed them of SNAP benefits as well as connected them to the Dean

Career Readiness

Rocky Identified 47 students who needed help getting an internship and connected them to Career Services

Mental Health

Rocky identified 24 students with poor mental health and connected them to Counseling Services and shared words of encouragement

Some of Rocky's Interventions...