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How Does EdSights Compare to Othot?

EdSights vs. Othot Overview

In addition to the responsive nature of a chatbot, EdSights provides a proactive approach to student engagement that is unlike any other provider. Through hundreds of thousands of interactions with students on a weekly basis, Edsights’ Adaptive Learning system enables our dynamic knowledge base to better personalize outreach and conversationally support students via SMS or embedded website chat widget. A traditional chatbot solution requires heavy development and maintenance and is rather static over time. Here you will find how EdSights unique approach to AI chatbots provides a better student experience and superior results for our campus partners. 

Research-Backed Framework


Leveraging a truly research-backed framework, EdSights higher education AI chatbots identify students who are at risk of not persisting based on 4 key drivers, including:


  • Academic Engagement

  • Wellness

  • Engagement

  • Financial Struggles


Embedded within these drivers are subdrivers that provide campus-specific insights that can be tuned to individual responses at scale. What this means is that while a basic chatbot may be able to respond to inquiries by referencing a pre-built knowledge base, EdSights’ technology (delivered via SMS) learns from each interaction and identifies students who may need additional interventions in the future while providing campus partners with dynamic trends tailored to their specific campus populations. 

Identifying At-Risk Students Earlier


Traditional intervention methods are reliant on static student data like past grades, or trailing indicators like classroom attendance that are noticed too late to be meaningful. EdSights identifies students who are at-risk of dropping out, stopping out, or failing out earlier by learning from each interaction. This Adaptive Learning method, unique to EdSights, provides campus professionals with the resources they need to better identify, support and engage these students earlier than traditional methods alone. 

Managed Services


Traditional chatbot providers are a heavy lift requiring hours of training of the bot by populating a complicated knowledge base. EdSights does all of the heavy lifting for our campus partners at no additional cost; building off of a common framework that builds over time as interactions take place between students and the campus's institutionally-branded chatbot. 


With an opt-in rate of over 90% amongst all of our campus partner’s communities, EdSights proactively identifies responses that would typically provide redundant emails and phone calls for our partners and develops responses for these questions tailored to each partner’s community. This effort saves our partners countless hours of time and personnel resources while maximizing student success.

Automatic Interventions


Students need support 24/7/365. With this in mind, AI chatbots by EdSights are engaging with students in a conversational way on a platform they know and trust (SMS on their phone!). This medium enables EdSights to, in a conversational way, connect and refer students to resources they need day or night on our campus partner’s behalf. Unlike responses built by other chatbot providers, these interventions can be as basic as telling students when the cafeteria is open to more critical support like access to nutrition or housing assistance programs; delivered proactively to students based on prior interactions.


A summary of these interventions is available in each institution’s EdSights dashboard, alongside key insights to drive further action by campus professionals. 

Retention Insights and Analytics


EdSights partners gain access to an easy-to-use dashboard to manage and update student data as well as uncover real-time insights and interventions deployed on their behalf. This resource enables campus staff to prioritize their time by focusing on students who are identified by their AI chatbot to be of highest risk. Most institutional partners can review and manage their data in less than an hour each week.

Privacy, Security and Accessibility


EdSights AI Chatbot adheres to FERPA, TCPA, CTIA, GDPR, and California Privacy Rights regulations. Additionally, we are committed to accessibility and full transparency around data storage and use. 


For more information we encourage you to review our privacy policy as well as our chatbot privacy policy.

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