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Midland University uses AI texting to facilitate Covid-19 vaccine rollout

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In March, Midland University was presented with the opportunity to vaccinate its students on campus. With vaccines being a limited resource, the institution wanted to be sure to accurately gauge demand and understand how many doses to order so that no vaccine would go to waste. To do so, Midland University needed an instant way to reach all of its students at scale and ask them whether they would get vaccinated on campus if given the opportunity.


The Midland team acted quickly and used their
SMS chatbot, Magnus, to send out a text
message poll that instantly got them the data
that they needed.

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Through their SMS bot, Midland predicted with almost 100% accuracy how many vaccines to order so none would go to waste. The team was quick to leverage technology to promote health and wellness through an intentional, high-impact campaign.



483 students of the 929 students
targeted by Magnus shared their
vaccination intentions over SMS.



Based on student responses
EdSights predicted that 245 students
would get vaccinated on campus.
After Midland opened sign-ups 241
students scheduled an appointment.

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We had an idea and less than an hour later,
our EdSights consultant had an SMS campaign
outto our students. By the end of the day, we had
reliable data about our students that informed
our request for vaccinations.

EdSights made connecting with a large number
of students at a critical moment easier.


- Dr. Lawrence Chatters,

Vice President for Student Affairs

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