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Decreasing Summer Melt to a Record Low

Olivet College leverages EdSights' AI-powered texting to decrease Summer Melt to an institution low of 2.2% while building relationships with incoming students

Type of Institution:

Private, Liberal Arts


Student Population:

968 Students



Olivet, Michigan

Olivet College has focused on decreasing their Summer Melt rate by staying connected with incoming students from their first deposit to their first day on campus. With a leaner admissions team in 2022, there was an added need to quickly implement a proactive and automatic solution for communication and relationship-building with incoming students.


To achieve this at scale, Olivet introduced incoming students to its trusty

AI-powered chatbot, Clyde. Traditionally, Clyde is launched to students upon their arrival on campus. But by introducing Clyde to students earlier on with the Summer Melt Framework, Olivet was able to connect with this often difficult-to-reach student population, resulting in the college's lowest melt rate to date!

Meet Clyde

Over the course of three months, Clyde conducted targeted, proactive check-ins to foster students’ sense of connection to the institution. Further, Clyde helped Olivet understand the individual roadblocks students faced and coordinate targeted outreach to ensure their attendance on Day 1. Clyde continuously checked in with all incoming students throughout the summer to see how  they felt about attending, identify any challenges, and flag students at risk for melt.

2% Decrease

Olivet decreased its summer melt rate from 4.3% in 2021 to 2.2% in 2022

55% Response Rate

Up to 55% of incoming students responded to texts from Clyde

Untitled design (3).png
Copy of Type of Institution Private, Liberal Arts Student Population 968 Students Location

Hi, Victoria! Clyde, here 💬

We're so excited to welcome you to campus!

How do you feel about attending Olivet College this fall?

[1] I'm excited 🎉

[2] Not sure/nervous 😳

[3] I will not be attending 😢

Identifying Students at Risk for Melt

Clyde continuously checked in with all incoming students throughout the summer to see how they felt about attending, identify any challenges, and flag students at risk for melt.

16 Students Flagged

Clyde highlighted these students so that staff could follow up with them and get ahead of any barriers that may have prevented them from showing up on their first day of classes

23 Students Identified

Clyde identified 23 students who were "nervous"

or "freaking out" about attending Olivet in the fall and automatically connected them to resources before they set foot on campus

Supporting Students and Building Community

Clyde’s touchpoints with students complemented Olivet’s existing first-year summer orientation program and communication plans, helping Olivet cultivate relationships with students from the moment they decide they’re going to attend. Clyde has helped build this sense of community at scale through some

of the following campaigns:

Olivet Traditions (1).png

Targeted Nudges get Students to the Next Step

Clyde sent targeted messages to students who were behind in their orientation program requirements. Through customizing messages and recipient lists, Clyde helped Olivet personalize students’ orientation experience. 

Phase 2 Orientation Nudge

Clyde reminded incoming students who hadn't completed Phase 2 of Orientation that there are only two orientation dates left and encourages them to ask questions if they had any.

Interested in learning more?

Speak with our team today to experience how your institution can leverage the same AI-powered texting framework to decrease melt. Check us out here!

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