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Encouraging Student Persistence: Chronicle Forum On Demand

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Colleges have long worked toward the imperative of student success. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic and its fallout have upended many of their efforts, with steep declines in enrollment and retention, particularly among Latinx and Black students. How are colleges acting now to address the needs of those students most deeply impacted by the pandemic, in order to keep them on track to a degree?

Recently EdSights had the privilege of supporting an important conversation as we work to solve the college completion crisis. This Virtual Forum, hosted by The Chronicle of Higher Education, explores how colleges are designing new programs that take this challenge head-on. This panel of national experts and the leaders of student-support programs discussed what’s working:

  • What are leaders doing differently to promote positive outcomes in support programs?

  • How are advocates moving the conversation around students in a new, more positive direction?

  • How can this shift attitudes and as a result help students persist on their educational journeys?

Watch now on demand:


The EdSights Approach

One of the highlights of the forum was our co-founder and co-CEO, Carolina Recchi, sharing (in under 8 minutes!) our approach to including the student voice in the conversation using conversational AI and machine learning via SMS texting to support enrollment, retention and persistence.

Watch the quick recap:

Join the Movement: The Student Persistence Study

EdSights has launched the largest study on issues impacting student persistence, The Persistence Study. This study will dive into the 250K+ conversations we have with students each week on the challenges they are facing with completing their degree.

We'll provide in-depth analysis to our college and university partners who participate; as well as publish a national sample to support the industry as a whole.



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