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Vincent Tinto Answers 3 Burning Questions at #EdSightsSummerRead

Hundreds of enrollment, academic and student affairs professionals joined us last week for our inaugural #EdSightsSummerRead. Prior to the live virtual event we shipped registrants a copy of Dr. Vincent Tinto's book, Completing College: Rethinking Institutional Action.

Attendees were invited to visit with Dr. Tinto (who prefers to be called Vincent, by the way!) and break into small groups to discuss the most pressing issues facing, and solutions for, supporting student success.

Vincent answered 3 pressing questions, including:

  • What recommendations do you have to help higher education deal with the scrutiny and stigmas facing higher education that are impacting the ability to recruit students and help them persist once they enroll?

  • What are the top strategies/initiatives that you recommend higher education institutions implement in the next five years to help higher education thrive?

  • How has the pandemic shaped student motivations and what can institutions do to overcome any motivation challenges brought on by Covid-19?


Powerful Ideas From Committed Professionals

The #EdSightsSummerRead discussion featured the opportunity for small groups to brainstorm big ideas they may implement on their campus to achieve the goals laid out in Vincent's book.

Attendees were given a link to a Jam Board to post ideas and share them with the other small group breakouts (16 groups in all). Rather than keep all of the ideas to ourselves we're sharing the Jam Board with you! We hope you find the ideas helpful as you strive to support student persistence on your campus.



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