Making it Through Summer Classes

So you’re spending your summer highlighting textbook pages instead of booking flights. You’ll have to prioritize your responsibilities and skip a few beach days but you can definitely still have your fun in the sun while making time for your studies. If you’re worried about how you’re going to manage, with a little persistence and these helpful tips you’re sure to make it through your summer classes!

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Find a Tutor

During summer, when many school services are temporarily paused, you might have to find alternate resources of academic support. Sections of the library could be closed and you may not be able to request a peer tutor…seeing as all your peers have gone home. If you need academic help, see which of your school’s support services are still available or have reduced operating hours. They might have tutors on standby just for the summer session students. You could also be directed towards online tutoring. One benefit of many resources shifting to virtual format is their 24/7 accessibility. So if you’re taking summer classes off campus or the school tutoring center is completely closed for the summer, you can still receive academic help over Zoom.

Reach Out to the People in Your Class

Communicating with your professor and classmates will be essential to creating your academic support system. Get to know your fellow classmates beyond their zoom ID, organize study groups, and facilitate discussions about what you're learning. It’s good to have someone to turn to if you need help filling in the gaps in your notes or you can't quite remember if there is a quiz this week. Your instructors can of course also offer their expert assistance when you need help. They can explain parts of the lecture you’re unclear about or connect you to any outside resources that could help you pass their class.


Manage Your Time

While you should definitely get to enjoy the summertime like the other students on break, make sure you’re properly balancing your social life and class schedule. When you only have 1 or 2 classes to worry about instead of your usual 4 or 5, it can be easier for assignments and due dates to slip your mind. Depending on the frequency of your classes and workload you’ll need to create a study schedule and set time aside to complete homework. Make note of any 11:59 pm deadlines, those will really sneak up on you! If you have any personal responsibilities to take care of before a class; laundry, work, or a midday nap, make sure you're finished in time so you're not late. With a little time management and a color coded agenda, your summer could be equal parts fun and academically fulfilling!


Try to Keep Up!

Since a semester’s worth of information is condensed into a couple weeks of learning, it’s important to remain diligent about keeping up with the pace of summer classes. If you miss a class or two and fall behind in work, it will be more difficult than usual for you to catch up. You’ll need to utilize all your best study tactics and apply as much concentration as you can in order to consistently understand each week's lessons. And if there are parts of the class material that you don’t understand, it would be best to address it with the instructor or reach out to tutoring right away. Because if you take too long to understand the weekly lessons, before you know it the class will be chapters ahead and you could be chapters behind!