Hi! We are Claudia and Carolina Recchi,

sisters and co-founders of EdSights. At 17, we left Italy and moved to the U.S. for college. Having an outsider’s perspective made us particularly aware of the challenges and needs of the American higher education system. A few years later, we built a mobile application for college classrooms that grew to over 200 universities across the U.S. 


Now, we are solving the college dropout crisis because we believe that universities are not equipped with the tools they need to support today’s students. As first-generation U.S. college students, we witnessed this problem firsthand. Not knowing who to turn to for help throughout our college experiences, we decided to build a chatbot that helps all students navigate challenges throughout their college years. Our mission is to support students in more timely, efficient, and meaningful ways that ultimately will enhance the return on their investment in education.

We built EdSights because we wish we'd had it.

Our Team

Claudia Recchi

Founder & Co-CEO

Alice Rowland

Partner Success

Andrew Hachten

Software Engineering

Kara Friedell

Partnerships Outreach

Carolina Recchi

Founder & Co-CEO

Andrew Prieto

University Partnerships

William Huster

Software Engineering

Neil Shah

Software Engineering

John Hampton

Head of Engineering

Erica Stabley

University Partnerships

Marcy Humphrey

Product Management


Our Investors

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