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Solve the college completion crisis

Combine Artificial Intelligence, behavioral science, and texting to hear the voices of your students at scale and ensure a path to success for all learners.
Improve outcomes using a proven framework
More than
Students supported
14 Percent
Retention increases
...with over
Tuition revenue saved
$40 Million
...resulting in
It's not a platform - it's a mission and we're in it together
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My experience with EdSights has been phenomenal. Their technology has produced some of the most profound retention outcomes I've seen in my 20+ years working in Higher Ed. Traditional retention tools that use performance and attendance, are readily available - but EdSights has allowed our students to be continuously and purposefully engaged in their own journey to success. As I move on to another institution, I’m excited to bring EdSights on board to assist us with our retention efforts.
Dr. Paul Orscheln
AVP of Enrollment Management,
Missouri Western State University
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EdSights has provided not only great insight but also connection to our students with immeasurable results. Their bot automatically connected students to targeted resources while making me aware of those who "fell between the cracks." EdSights positively impacted the student experience and our retention numbers.
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After 3 years of declining retention rates, we on-boarded EdSights and finally saw a 4 percentage point gain in fall 2019 to spring 2020 retention. We are now ramping up our services with EdSights because we saw their commitment to our success and witnessed first hand the efficacy of their technology.
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Dr. Cassy Bailey

Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment,

Baker University

Dr. Terry Elam
VP of Enrollment,
Bethel University
Our Solution
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Student Convo.png
Student Convo.png
Student Convo.png
Support students the way they want to be supported
Use a research-backed framework to engage and support students over SMS.

Collect non-cognitive data from students about their college experience and automatically connect them to helpful on-campus resources.

Involve students in the conversation and collect new non-cognitive data that has been traditionally hard to access.

Our mission is to create a student-centered higher education system. We believe that the student voice is the key to transforming education and creating the learning environment of tomorrow.

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Involve students in the conversation and listen to their voices at scale
Hear the voices of students at scale and uncover insights on areas that have traditionally been hard to measure, such as a student's sense of belonging.

Adopt proven strategies and suggested "next steps" to improve retention, student success, and wellness.
Understand your students through actionable, real-time insights.
Be at the forefront of change
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EdSights' text-messaging chatbot has a front-row view of how Gen Z's brains are wired.

Randall Lane
Chief Content Officer

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