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Partners Share Their Stories

Retention and persistence can have profound ripple effects in students’ lives and in the lives of their families and communities. Our partners are truly effecting positive change and working to solve college completion crises. Learn more about the strategies, innovations, and achievements that our partners have seen through their dedicated focus on a better approach to student persistence.

Connecting Students to the Right Resources

Olivet College (MI)

Dr. KayDee Perry

Associate Provost for Student Development 

"This is the one opportunity where students are telling us what they need, what they want, and how they're feeling ..."

A Proactive Approach to Student Engagement

Genesee Community College

Dr. Shelitha Williams

Vice President, Student & Enrollment Services

"At times in higher education we are reactive. The EdSights approach meets students where they are and are proactively responsive to their needs."

Boosting Retention by 14%

Franklin Pierce University (NH)

"The data that EdSights has allowed us to gather about our students and their experience has caused us to ask different questions and think differently about how we approach supporting them."

Andrew Pollom

Dean of Student Affairs

Engagement Beyond a Bot

NHTI - Concord's
Community College

"My favorite thing about working with EdSights is the innovation of the technology. It's fantastically clever to think you can contact your students using your mascot; which is such a wonderful brand that the college has."

Amber Gaverlik

Marketing Officer

Meet Students Where They Are

Aquinas College (MI)

"EdSights really makes it so the students will interact with a bot in a way that they sometimes will not with humans ... What they share with the bot is a bit different (than human interactions)."

Brian Matzke

Associate Vice President of Student Success

Driving Measurable Results

Jacksonville University (FL)

"EdSights helps us really draw attention to (at-risk) students that historically we may not know about until it's way past the point of no return."

Dr. Will Miller

Executive Director of Analytics, Effectiveness and Strategic Planning

Faster Results, Earlier Action

Missouri Western State University (MO)

Derek Evans

Interim Director, Student Success
and Advising Center

"We've worked with EdSights a number of years. We trust their model. It's evidence based. They know what they are doing!"

Strategic Use of Team Time

Western Illinois University (IL)

Justin Schuch

Executive Director of Retention Initiatives

"We have really leveraged the interventions and risk levels (from EdSights) to be the driving force behind our entire retention strategy."

Engagement Beyond Email

West Virginia University - Parkersburg (WV)

Torie Jackson


"To learn what matters to your students can really transform an institution."

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