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The Student Voice

Score (SVS)

The first industry benchmark for student satisfaction

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Introducing a new metric to measure student sentiment

The Student Voice Score (SVS) introduces a simple yet transformative approach by allowing institutions to understand their students' journeys within the broader context of higher education, and grasp the heartbeat of their institution. With the SVS, student satisfaction is no longer just a concept but a quantifiable reality.

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How it works

As part of EdSights' retention framework, the chatbot conducts a yearly SVS campaign to gauge student satisfaction and provide an institutional score and qualitative feedback.

Institutions can compare their performance against national benchmarks and peer institutions, with the ability to segment results by student demographics and track progress over time. 

Leveraging advanced AI technology, EdSights also distills qualitative student comments, summarizing student feedback as well as spotlighting key likes and dislikes.

Quantitative and qualitative data at your fingertips

Real-time visibility into the qualitative feedback that students provide to support their rating.

My teachers are so supportive! 🤗
The tutoring service is the best!
My instructor never answers their emails!
Everyone on campus is so friendly!!
I love the small class sizes 🙂
There need to be more online class options!
The food in the dining hall is not very good 😞
The internet in the dorm rooms never work...
My advisor really helped me stay on track for graduation! 🎓 
I wish there was more stuff to do around campus.
Too much homework assigned back to back.
There's so many programs to choose from!
Leveraging real-time student insights the SVS pinpoints the institution's strengths and highlights areas needing improvement.
Campus Environment
Academic Variety
Supportive Staff
Cost of Tuition
Quality of Student Amenities 
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