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We Built EdSights
Because We Wish We'd Had It.

Let us introduce you to our values and our approach to student success . . .

Hi! We are Claudia and Carolina Recchi,

sisters and co-founders of EdSights. At 17, we left Italy and moved to the U.S. for college. Having an outsider’s perspective made us particularly aware of the challenges and needs of the American higher education system. A few years later, we built a mobile application for college classrooms that grew to be used by more than 200 universities across the U.S. 


Now, we are solving the college completion crisis because we believe that universities are not equipped with the tools they need to support today’s students. As first-generation U.S. college students, we witnessed this problem firsthand. Not knowing who to turn to for help throughout our college experiences, we decided to build a chatbot that helps all students navigate challenges throughout their college years. Our mission is to support students in more timely, efficient, and meaningful ways that will ultimately enhance the return on their investment in education.

We built EdSights because we wish we'd had it.

Our Mission

Student success and institutional success are two sides of the same coin. With as many as 6,000 students leaving college each day without a degree; millions of students are left saddled with debt they’ll never be able to repay while colleges and universities suffer a loss of billions of dollars in tuition annually. 

EdSights exists to stop and reverse this college completion crisis. Leveraging a framework built on nearly four decades of research, we use text messaging powered by artificial intelligence to ensure that the most important perspectives, those of the student, are at the forefront of every conversation … supporting enrollment, retention and persistence while connecting them to the resources and people they need to succeed.

At EdSights, our mission is to create a student-centered higher education system. We believe that the student voice is the key to transforming education and creating the learning environment of tomorrow. Our data-driven insights and innovative solutions help institutions promote student success by amplifying their students’ voices and putting them at the center of the educational experience.

Our Values

Customers First

Openness & Feedback

Good Humor

Do Your Best Work

Actions over Words

Give First


Diversity of Ideas
& People

No A**holes

The Company We Keep

We are proud and honored to be backed by some of the brightest minds in technology and innovation! These organizations not only align with our values but also bring unparalleled expertise and insight as we grow and scale.

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EdSights In The News

We’re doing our best to bring the student voice to the forefront of every conversation about student success.

Check out some of our favorite media coverage below. Looking for an expert voice for an article or paper you're working on? Email us!

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Looking to Make an Impact?

As a Series-A funded startup we’re always looking for amazing talent to join our team.


Visit our careers page to review our open positions and don’t be afraid to introduce yourself at

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