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Adaptive AI Persistence Framework

Our proactive framework combines artificial intelligence (AI), SMS text messaging and retention research to support all learners. 

100+ colleges power their student experience with EdSights


A window into the student voice

Unlike traditional chatbots that are focused on responding to inbound questions, our technology comes with a pre-built Adaptive AI framework that engages with students about once a week to keep and becomes increasingly personalized to each student over time. Simultaneously, the technology automatically analyzes student interactions and generates insights on which demographics need the most support, allowing you to always have a finger on the pulse of student sentiment.


Check-Ins and Interventions are delivered to students via SMS text messaging by an institutionally-branded chatbot (oftentimes the college/university mascot). 

We take a unique approach to leveraging Artificial Intelligence by using a research-backed framework to identify students most at risk of not persisting based on the four key drivers that impact them, including:

Financial Distress

Is the student struggling to balance their work and class schedule?

Academic Engagement

Does the student feel that their coursework is relevant to them?


Is the student struggling with physical or emotional well-being?


Does the student feel like they have a support system on campus?

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