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Our Approach

We’re on a mission to solve the college completion crisis. To do so will take a marathon runner’s commitment to preparation, perseverance, and, well, persistence!


Learn more about how we take a research-first approach to developing our Adaptive AI Framework with the voice of the student at the center of everything we do.

Research to Drive Student Persistence

EdSights has operationalized more than four decades of research in support of student retention and persistence. Our goal is to help institutions benefit from this proven framework, so they don't have to “reinvent the wheel”. They can, instead, rely on a model that has been perfected over time thanks to the collective intelligence EdSights has gathered through 50+ million (and counting!) student interactions.

Check out the key elements of our approach and some recommended reading as you build your own plan.

In a Meeting

Developing and Implementing Adaptive AI


Traditional persistence measures, such as predictive models, are

heavily reliant on static and oftentimes outdated information. Early alert systems are open to bias and are more often than not still too late to do any good.


Our Adaptive AI proactively engages with students earlier and provides greater precision when evaluating the risk factors impacting student persistence. We do this by communicating with students via SMS text messaging early and often. Their responses to our regular check-ins help to identify students, in real time, who are being negatively impacted by the key drivers that research indicates will impact their ability to persist at the institution.

Engagement That's More Than a Chatbot


When we hear the word “Chatbot” we often think of the often stale and automated responses that are labor-intensive to build and require heavy IT support to maintain.

The EdSights approach focuses on developing a proactive framework that is adaptive to student needs; creating unique experiences and personalized support that leads to higher engagement and response rates. 

The collective intelligence gleaned from over 1 million student interactions (and counting) ensures constant enhancements to the accuracy of our algorithms that identify students impacted by the key drivers impacting their persistence and who are most at-risk of dropping out.

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Student enters college and starts working

Student struggles financially

Triggering event: Employer cuts student's hours

identifies issue & connects student to work-study program

Student gets second job

Student becomes sleep deprived and skips class

alert advisors of poor academic performance, but it’s too late

Struggles to balance work and school

Student fails exam

Copy of NEWEST EdSights Demo Deck copy.png
Couple with Mobile Phone

SMS Texting Privacy and Security

The privacy and security of your sensitive data is critical. We take every precaution to ensure that our services are compliant with FERPA, GDPR, CAN-SPAM, and more. Here are some key details to think about as you evaluate your options for student engagement.

Compare EdSights to Traditional Chatbots


Incorporating the student voice into your decisions starts with finding creative ways to listen to the student body. Traditional “chatbots,” embedded on your website or used for impersonal “nudge” campaigns, are not enough to support student persistence and success.


Our unique, research-backed approach to developing our proactive framework for student engagement is truly one of a kind.


Learn more about how EdSights is the sole source for Adaptive AI powered by SMS text messaging and chat.

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