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Enjoy the support and resources of the EdSights community to help you develop new ideas, learn best practices, commiserate in universal challenges, and build a better environment for all students.


Below you’ll find many ways we strive to build our community and connect peers together in support of student success.

Become an EdSighter

As a member of the EdSighters Community, you’ll have direct access to research, white papers, our weekly newsletter, and authentic student voice findings to guide your strategic decisions. You’ll also gain early access to deep data from the largest student persistence study ever conducted as you follow the journey of over 500k college students. The best part? It’s free to join. 

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EdSights Book Club

Networking is one of the best methods of professional development. Bonding over shared experiences and interests is a great way to connect. EdSights sponsors virtual Book Clubs for to support the enrichment of your skills and broaden the scope of your knowledge in supporting student persistence.


Going beyond the recaps and takeaways from the reading, the Summer 2022 Book Club had a special treat — a meet and greet virtual forum with the Dr. Vincent Tinto himself — where members participated in small group discussions on the key elements of his work and insights.


Join innovative and intentional student success professionals from across the country as we discuss a variety of topics centered around student persistence and retention strategies that impact all stages of the student journey. 


Immerse yourself in an event unlike any other! From the PERSIST Awards, to data-fueled retention strategies, to showcasing best-in-class, cross-campus Adaptive AI Framework integrations.


Note: Attendance at the PERSIST Summit is exclusive to EdSights customers and an added perk of partnership. 

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Events and Webinars

Attending a regional or national conference? Looking for online opportunities to learn and discuss enrollment, retention, and persistence? Our team is always ready to connect in-person or online.

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