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Traveling to your favorite conference? Looking for live and online professional development? We’ve got you covered. Sign up for our free webinars using the links below and be sure to set up time to connect with our team at the conferences we’ll be attending!

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NASPA 2024

We look forward to seeing everyone at NASPA's Annual Conference in Seattle, WA in 2024.


Stay tuned for more information including booth location, sessions, and much more!

Upcoming Webinars

Stay Tuned!

Previous Webinars

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EdSights Book Club Featuring ASCEND to Higher Retention Rates

In ASCEND to Higher Retention Rates, Dr. Jared Tippets and Dr. Eric Kirby from Southern Utah University address why past retention efforts have fallen short and elaborate on how to get ahead of the common barriers to persistence. Together they help uncover innovative ideas, unique initiatives, and best practices that have yielded outstanding results.

We chose this book because it embodies a solution-oriented mindset that is crucial in higher education. Overflowing with practical strategies, it offers invaluable insights to enhance retention rates. We are confident that participants will leave the book club equipped with several cost-effective and practical strategies to implement in their respective institutions.


Persistence Study Webinar

📈 The results are in! Over the past academic year, EdSights regularly checked in with over 200,000 students using artificial intelligence and text messaging. Tracking and measuring their behaviors, challenges, and perceptions of their college journey, allowed us to collect vital data fueled by the voices of each of those students.

The hundreds of thousands of students that we surveyed, shared their unique perceptions of their college journey, elaborating on crucial barriers to persistence such as belonging, wellness, financial distress, and academic engagement. Since then, we've tirelessly compiled and analyzed this data, extracting meaningful insights and linking them to the impact of our initiatives. Witness our discoveries and the steps we're taking toward ensuring student success.

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EdSights Book Club 
Featuring "Broken"

Dr. Paul LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University, draws on his experience building one of the most innovative and fastest-growing universities to reconnect us with the human aspect of serving people.

As a company whose mission is to create a student-centered education system, we chose "Broken" as this event's reading because of how deeply it explores the human dimensions we must consider to support students. We believe that this book will help us better understand the challenges facing out education system, and find ways to create a more humane and caring environment for students. 

Check back soon as we are always adding new webinar opportunities!

As always be sure to check out our blog and on-demand resources for continued insights and learning!

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