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Reports and Recordings

Key intelligence from over 500K weekly interactions (and more).

Webinar Recordings

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Expert Analysis of the Student Voice Score Webinar

In this open forum, data experts Dr. Will Miller and Dr. KayDee Perry analyzed the SVS Report's key trends and discussed how institutions can better identify the gaps between student retention and student satisfaction. 

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Introducing the Student Voice Score Webinar

In the evolving landscape of higher education, capturing the Student Voice is key to creating meaningful learning environments. The Student Voice Score (SVS) introduces a simple yet transformative approach.

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SNHU Randomized Controlled Trial Webinar

Experience Southern New Hampshire University's recent outcomes showcasing the impact of AI on student success and the transformative ways in which the institution harnessed AI to elevate student support.

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EdSights Book Club Featuring ASCEND to Higher Retention Rates

In ASCEND to Higher Retention Rates, Dr. Jared Tippets and Dr. Eric Kirby from Southern Utah University address why past retention efforts have fallen short and elaborate on how to get ahead of the common barriers to persistence.


Persistence Study Webinar

The results are in! Over the past academic year, EdSights regularly checked in with over 200,000 students using artificial intelligence and text messaging. Tracking and measuring their behaviors, challenges, and perceptions of their college journey, allowed us to collect vital data fueled by the voices of each of those students

A Virtual Forum: Encouraging Student Persistence

The Chronicle of Higher Education hosted a virtual forum focused on the urgency around supporting student persistence. This event was sponsored by EdSights and features our co-CEO Carolina Recchi.

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EdSights Book Club Featuring "Broken"

Dr. Paul LeBlanc, President of Southern New Hampshire University, draws on his experience building one of the most innovative and fastest-growing universities to reconnect us with the human aspect of serving people.

Building an Award Winning Student Persistence Plan

SUNY Genesee Community College received an award from the State University of New York for their groundbreaking work using Adaptive AI and SMS to support student persistence. This is their story.

Student Success Through The Eyes of Students, A Virtual Manifesto

Dr. Vincent Tinto reminds us of the importance of incorporating the student voice into all of our conversations about their success. This recording is great inspiration for any campus team. We encourage you to use it at any and all staff kick offs!

Whitepapers and Research

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Whitepaper: Learning Perceptions Throughout Covid-19

Find out what 150,000+ students are saying about their learning experience this semester.

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Webinar Report: Student Success Through the Eyes of Students

Dr. Vincent Tinto, award-winning education theorist addressed the importance of viewing the issue of persistence through the eyes of students.

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White paper: COVID-19 Through the Eyes of Students.

Our SMS chatbot engaged with over 70,000 students across the country to understand how they were navigating the pandemic and how it will affect their college journey.

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2023 SVS Report

The Student Voice Score (SVS) gives institutions a concrete starting point for constructive dialogue on how to bolster their student satisfaction and sucess.

Fall '23 Data Report

This data report explores insights gathered from over 300,000 during the Fall semester using the EdSights proactive Persistence Framework.

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