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Learn a little bit about the method behind our framework.

Research to Drive Student Persistence

Turn Persistence Theory Into Action

Backed by nearly 4 decades of research, our Adaptive AI Framework operationalizes an effective approach to identifying and supporting the factors that lead to student persistence and retention. Additionally, we are constantly listening to student feedback and adjusting our AI based on current trends and natural language detection. 

Our Recommended Reading List

A number of books and articles have inspired our work. We've compiled a list that you may find helpful below. Please note that some of these links will bring you to third party websites where you may elect to purchase copies of your own. 


  • Tinto, V. (2017). Reflections on Student Persistence. Student Success, 8(2), 1-8. doi: 10.5204/ssj.v8i2.376

  • Public Agenda (2009), With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them (A Public Agenda Report for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) 

  • Tinto. V. (2012), Completing College: Rethinking Institutional Access

We encourage you to sign up for our Book Club where we discuss readings like these and more!

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Incorporating the Student Voice into Student Success

We believe that the most important voice in the conversation about student success is that of the student. To ensure our approach was meeting their needs we took a moment to ask students who are enrolled at our partner institutions what they thought about their interactions with their school's Adaptive AI chatbot.

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