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What We Offer

Partnering with EdSights is a strategic way to operationalize over four decades of research that continually reinforces the drivers impacting student persistence.


We support enrollment, persistence, and retention by combining Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and SMS text messaging to automatically deliver personalized proactive and reactive engagement via an institutionally-branded texting bot. 

Adaptive AI Persistence Framework


EdSights brings the student voice to the conversation in support of your goal of understanding the challenges they face, that are traditionally hard to detect, and addresses them in real-time.


Our Adaptive AI is more advanced than any other artificial intelligence tool as it learns and grows to help you truly understand your student population and their student success needs while connecting them to the people and resources they need faster than traditional approaches alone.


Website Chatbots for Admissions


Retention starts with good recruitment. Today’s prospective students prefer to perform research at their own pace and on their own time.


Leveraging the Knowledge Base built for EdSights Adaptive AI Framework, Web Bots for Admissions can help ensure students researching your institution on your website (or any website where you have a presence) have access to consistent information to support their search — day and night.

Website Chatbots for Student Services


Your team can’t be available 24/7/365. However, that’s the level of response that students have come to expect (and oftentimes need!) to support their success.


Leveraging the Knowledge Base built for EdSights Adaptive AI Framework, Web Bots are a simple addition to your toolkit that are easy to set up, deploy, and manage. 


Custom SMS Texting Campaigns


Study after study shows us that text messaging is a highly effective medium for reaching today’s busy students, with 90% of responses coming within an hour of a broadcast SMS text.


Custom SMS Texting Campaigns can help you easily accomplish broad priorities like sending campus-wide registration reminders or performing targeted outreach for unique populations. 

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