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The 2022 EdSights Summer Read

A virtual discussion featuring Dr. Vincent Tinto

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Be a part of the most important conversation centered on student persistence

Our inaugural summer read features distinguished university professor emeritus Dr. Vincent Tinto's latest book Completing College - Rethinking Institutional Action.


We will discuss Dr. Tinto's research framework and the actions/interventions institutions can and should pursue to solve the college completion crisis.

Meet Dr. Tinto and Make Meaningful Connections

Registrants will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Tinto via an exclusive, live virtual forum organized by EdSights. After a brief introduction from Dr. Tinto, attendees will be broken into small groups to discuss key elements of the reading. Dr. Tinto will "make the rounds" and interact with these groups throughout the program.

Current Agenda:

6:30 PM - Welcome by Carolina Recchi, Co-CEO of EdSights

6:40 PM - Opening remarks by Dr. Vincent Tinto

7:00 PM - Small group breakout discussions led by EdSights moderators with "pop ins" by Dr. Tinto

7:45 PM - Closing remarks by Dr. Tinto and Carolina 

- Dr. Vincent Tinto

Award-Winning Persistence Scholar​



We need student input to help frame policies and practices. Their voices and experiences matter. Students should not be seen as just part of the problem, but as part of the solution.

Your Gift Box

The first 100 registrants for the book club will receive a complimentary copy of Completing College by Dr. Tinto as well as a unique gift pack that includes:

  • Durable wine tumbler (because what is a book club without a glass of wine?)

  • A bookmark to help you keep your place

  • Erasable highlighter to aide in marking meaningful passages while reading

Additionally, attendees of the live discussion will have a chance to win a copy of Completing College signed by Dr. Tinto!

Registration is free. Simply sign up using the form below.

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