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Webinar Report: Student Success Through the Eyes of Students

Dr. Vincent Tinto, award-winning education theorist addressed the importance of viewing the issue of persistence through the eyes of students.

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White Paper Pt.I : Student Learning Perceptions Throughout Covid-19

Find out what 150,000+ students are saying about their learning experience and course modalities throughout the pandemic.

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Case Study: Aquinas College sees 13.5% retention lift with help of their AI chatbot

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and persistence declining nationwide Aquinas College sees a 13.5% fall to fall retention increase with the help of EdSights' AI.

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White Paper: COVID-19 Through the Eyes of Students.

Our SMS chatbot engaged with over 70,000 students across the country to understand how they were navigating the pandemic and how it will affect their college journey.


White Paper Pt.II: Student College Perceptions Throughout Covid-19

Find out what 150,000+ students are saying about their perceptions of college and how it changed throughout the pandemic.

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Case Study: Franklin Pierce University increases retention by 14%

Franklin Pierce University sustains record-breaking retention with the help of their AI persistence framework.

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Case Study: Missouri Western State increases first-year retention by 7% with EdSights

Case Study: Bethel University sees 4% uptick in retention after just one semester.

Find out how Missouri Western State University used AI-powered texting to increase student retention by over 7% in just one semester.


After 3 years of declining retention, Bethel University launches an AI powered chatbot and starts seeing a 4%, uptick in retention after just one semester.

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