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Elevating chatbots by combining them to retention research to improve student success outcomes

At EdSights, our goal from day 1 has been to create a new category of behaviorally smart chatbots that enables institutions to incorporate retention research in their AI chatbots to support students in more impactful ways. 

Our team took AI-texting one step further by combining it to a research framework that checks in with students through evidence-based conversations, and supports them in areas that are proven to impact completion. The framework learns about each student's needs overtime, dynamically prioritizing different resources and interventions with each student based on relevance.

The Framework

Measures areas such as Support System and Campus Engagament

Academic Perceptions
Measures areas such as Self Efficacy, Perceived Relevance Of Curriculum

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Financial Distress
Measures areas such as Balancing Work & School, Food Insecurity

Measures areas such as Lifestyle, Emotional Wellbeing

Persistence Outcomes


Retention Increase



Retention Increase



Retention Increase



Retention Increase

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