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EdSights Recognizes PERSIST 2023 Award Recipients

Last month, EdSights hosted its annual PERSIST Summit in New York City. This year was a gathering of over 100 college and university leaders featuring conversations centered around the key drivers impacting student persistence. The event served as an opportunity to learn, collaborate, and network over our shared mission of solving the college completion crisis by bringing the student voice to the forefront of the conversation.

At the event's close, EdSights honored five institutions with the PERSIST 2023 Awards, celebrating exceptional achievements in distinct areas. We're thrilled to recognize these leading organizations for their remarkable contributions.

This year's award categories included:

  • Excellence in Execution

  • Rising Star

  • Leadership in Persistence

  • Smooth Operator

  • Maverick Mover

  • Student Voice Survey: Graduate

  • Student Voice Survey: Undergraduate

EdSights is proud to recognize the following institutions for their amazing efforts, and we look forward to continued partnership and success!

Excellence in Execution - Southern New Hampshire University

This year’s Excellence in Execution Award goes to Southern New Hampshire University, a partner who truly mastered workflow and executed complex projects with exceptional efficiency.

With an impressive 800 advisors on the dashboard, supporting 150,000 students, and an implementation that

lasted less than nine weeks, this partner has

demonstrated unparalleled project management skills. Their commitment to action and smooth operationalization of technology is commendable, setting a high standard for excellence in our community.

Congratulations on your Excellence in Execution, Southern New Hampshire University!

Rising Star - Nicholls State University

We are thrilled to present the Rising Star Award to Nicholls State University.

Despite being a newer partner, Nicholls State University has made exceptional strides in their partnership with us. They have showcased a profound understanding of our software, utilizing it for outreach, student engagement, and to complement data from their case management tool.

Their adept team and streamlined workflow demonstrate their exceptional change management skills. We look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success in the future.

Congratulations on being a rising star, Nicholls State!

Leadership in Persistence - Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

Mississippi Gulf Community College is the deserving recipient of the Leadership in Persistence Award.

Their dedication to a student-centric approach and remarkable outcomes in student success have set this partner apart. With an 11 percentage point increase in student persistence, they have shown unwavering commitment to supporting their students’ needs. We applaud their persistence and dedication to fostering student success.

Congratulations on your leadership in persistence, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College!

Smooth Operator - College of Charleston

We are delighted to honor the College of Charleston with the Smooth Operator Award.

Their exceptional project and change management skills during the implementation process were truly outstanding. Their efficient onboarding process, coupled with creative marketing and communication efforts, including the launch of their chatbot Clyde, featured on local news, exemplifies their commitment to excellence.

Congratulations on being a true smooth operator, College of Charleston!

Maverick Mover - University of Alabama in Huntsville

The Maverick Mover Award celebrates not just innovation, but the tangible impact it has on student engagement. This year, the honor goes to the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Their creative use of their chatbot, Charger Blue, has resulted in an impressive 63% student engagement rate—a testament to their thoughtful and personalized communication strategies. They’ve gone above and beyond, including implementing check-ins providing support to specific student populations such as commuter students and honors capstone students, as well as check-ins following up on specific student needs, such as students who don't feel engaged on campus. Their ability to forge genuine connections with students exemplifies the true spirit of a maverick mover.

Congratulations to the University of Alabama in Huntsville for their exceptional dedication to enhancing student engagement and fostering meaningful connections within their community!

Student Voice Score Award: Graduate - University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy

Congratulations to the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy for achieving the highest Student Voice Score (SVS) among our graduate school partners.

With an exceptional SVS of 90, they have surpassed all expectations, reflecting the high level of student satisfaction with their college experience. This achievement underscores their dedication to providing an outstanding graduate education. Notably, their score was not only the highest among our graduate partners but also the highest overall among all of the 100+ partners we work with.

Well done, University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy!

Student Voice Score Award: Undergraduate - Southern New Hampshire University

Our heartfelt congratulations to Southern New Hampshire University for earning the Student Voice Award among our undergraduate partners.

With an outstanding SVS of 84 and an impressive 90.5% of students as promoters, they have set a remarkable standard for student satisfaction. Their commitment to creating a positive and enriching undergraduate experience is truly commendable. Southern New Hampshire University’s dedication to student satisfaction and engagement is evident in the exceptional 87% engagement rate their students have with their chatbot, Penny.

This achievement not only reflects their positive student experience but also stands as a record, marking the highest student engagement observed across all partners we work with.

Well done, Southern New Hampshire University!

Congratulations, once again, to these amazing institutions!



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