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Webinar Recap: Southern New Hampshires outcomes with EdSights

Updated: Mar 26

On February 29, educators from institutions nationwide gathered to explore the impact

of EdSights’ AI on student persistence at Southern New Hampshire University. Hosted

by Carolina Recchi, Co-CEO of EdSights, and Melissa Crowley, AVP of Customer Experience Technology at SNHU, the webinar unveiled the innovative ways in which SNHU harnessed EdSights’ technology to enhance student support and advising.

The event welcomed a diverse audience of 300 higher education leaders, attesting to SNHU's renowned reputation in the industry for delivering exceptional student support

and fostering student success.

Key Insights

During the session, CEO Carolina Recchi and AVP Melissa Crowley presented the results

of a randomized controlled trial conducted by a team of data scientists at SNHU. This study assessed the impact of EdSights' AI on student retention rates among a pool of first-time, first-year online undergraduate learners.

Notable Outcomes:

  • 97% opt-in to Penny (EdSights AI bot for SNHU).

  • 78% of these students were actively engaged with Penny, responding to texts and answering questions.

  • 1.35% increase in persistence rates among EdSights users after the first term with remarkable spikes in persistence for underrepresented populations (e.g 2.5% increase for Black & African American students and 3.5% increase for Hispanic Students) 

Recognizing the significant impact of EdSights on streamlining advisor workflows and improving student persistence, SNHU expanded the use of EdSights’ AI to its entire undergraduate student population. A year after the expansion, SNHU noted:

  • 89% of students were actively engaged with Penny.

  • Up to a 4.6% increase in persistence rates among first-term students was observed.

  • Up to a 6.5% increase in GPA outcomes for first-time students was observed.

With just 5 additional calls per advisor each week, SNHU consistently improved outcomes, acknowledging EdSights for its role in retaining an average of 16,000 additional students annually.

The Road Ahead

For those interested in learning more about SNHU’s successful integration of EdSights’ AI in their workflow, please reach out to for a recording of the webinar. 

Additionally, to learn more about EdSights and its engagement with students, please email

Keep an eye out for the official case study to be released shortly!



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