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Original research and insights from the EdSights team

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Case Study: Aquinas College sees 13.5% retention lift with help of their AI chatbot

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and persistence declining nationwide Aquinas College sees a 13.5% fall to fall retention increase with the help of EdSights' AI.

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Case Study: Bethel University sees 4% uptick in retention after just one semester of launching EdSights

After 3 years of declining retention, Bethel University launches an AI powered chatbot and starts seeing a 4%, uptick in retention after just one semester.

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Case Study: Franklin Pierce University increases retention by 14%

Franklin Pierce University sustains record-breaking retention with the help of their AI persistence framework.

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Case Study: University of St. Thomas helps students in crisis through AI texting.

Faced with a once-in-a-generation Texas arctic storm while still grappling with Covid-19, UST used AI messaging to connect students to resources during the Texas Storm. 

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Learning Perceptions Throughout Covid-19

Find out what 150,000+ students are saying about their learning experience this semester.

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Case Study: How Athens State is Connecting with Students during the Pandemic

Find out how Athens State is connecting with students at scale during the pandemic, foster a sense of belonging and collect specific, actionable data.

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Case Study: Missouri Western State increases first-year retention by 7% with EdSights

Find out how Missouri Western State University used AI-powered texting to increase student retention by over 7% in just one semester.


Case Study: How Jacksonville University used empathetic AI to build a virtual community

How Jacksonville University used empathetic AI to build a virtual community and improve campus life.

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Webinar Report: Student Success Through the Eyes of Students

Dr. Vincent Tinto, award-winning education theorist addressed the importance of viewing the issue of persistence through the eyes of students.

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White Paper: COVID-19 Through the Eyes of Students.

Our SMS chatbot engaged with over 70,000 students across the country to understand how they were navigating the pandemic and how it will affect their college journey.

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Case Study: Midland University uses 2-way texting to facilitate Covid-19 vaccine rollout

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Case Study: How Dean College increased retention by 11% 

When MU was presented with the opportunity to vaccinate students it acted quickly to use its SMS chatbot to promote the program and gauge how many doses to order.

Dean College prides itself on The Dean Difference, the way in which the community commits to and tirelessly supports its students.

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Case Study: How four SUNY Institutions leveraged insights powered by AI 

With 64 highly rated institutions across New York State, the SUNY college system is an impactful and valuable fixture in higher education. 

Articles & Blog Posts


Baker University administration adopts chatbot to improve retention

A student at Baker University writes an article about EdSights on the Baker Orange (University's Student Magazine).


The Founders of EdSights are recognized on Forbes 30 Under 30

The Founders of EdSights, Claudia and Carolina Recchi, are recognized on Forbes for being among the most influential people in education today.


How Colleges Are Using Chatbots To Improve Student Retention

Michael Nietzel, Forbes contributor and Missouri State University President Emeritus, writes about how colleges are using EdSigths to improve retention


As Colleges Struggle to Survive, Linfield Says It Has Recovered and Will Expand.

The Oregonian writes about Linfied success story and features EdSights co-founder Carolina Recchi as thought leader in the retention space.


Unleash the Chatbots! AI for Retention

Dr. Paul Orscheln, AVP for Enrollment speaks about the deployment of EdSights at MWSU

Gordon Freedman, President at the National Laboratory for Education Transformation, does an in-depth analysis of EdSights and the current state of education technology in the US.


Dr. Paul Orscheln, AVP for Enrollment Management and Retention at Missouri Western State University was interviewed by Gordon Freedman, about the deployment of EdSights chatbot on his campus.

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